Name:Naraya Memorial Sugimoto Residence Preservation Society (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation)
Address:116 Yada-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto
Founding Date:February 1, 1992
Representative:Chiyoko Sugimoto (Representative Director)
Purpose:The foundation works for preservation of the Sugimoto residence and its surroundings, one of rare structures that represent typical large-scale Kyo-Machiya from the Edo period, as well as for inheriting traditional events particular of old merchant houses. The foundation works for opening those properties to the public to contribute for research and study, and to promote the development of traditional culture of the area.
Activities:1. Preserving and public opening the residence and its garden.
2. Preserving the furniture and utensils which have been handed down in the Sugimoto family, and opening them to the public.
3. Inheriting, maintaining, and public opening the traditional events particular of old merchant houses.
4. Contributing for research and study of merchant class culture.