Gion Festival 2018 season started in Kyoto

Gion Festival 2018 season started in Kyoto.

On Thursday, July 12, in the central area of Kyoto, people were in busy to construct Gion Hoko Float here and there.

Toriboko (July 12, 2018)

Kikusuiboko (July 12, 2018)










At the Sugimoto Residence, the 1st period of Byobu Exhibition started on July 10, and this is to introduce some photos of its installation.

The 2nd period will start on July 14, and for the details of the exhibition, refer to the following site:

Byobu Exhibition (Byobu Matsuri/Gion Festival)



– No reservation is needed.
– We ask visitors to enter the residence with socks for the protection of cultural properties.
– Taking photos of the exhibits are prohibited.